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Aria Reed


“The east made me… the west pays me!” is Aria’s industry outlook. A “California girl” with a Kentucky bred spirit.  

Aria has modeled several of the sexiest lingerie lines, but Popsi Lingerie is by far her guilty pleasure! “When I’m wearing Popsi Lingerie I know my night is just beginning! This line has incredible sex appeal and class… such a great mixture, you can play the sweet and innocent baby doll or you can spice things up with a little naughty edge!” 

When Aria is not on the set of a photo shoot she is working on music, her one true passion… “Music isn’t what I do, it’s who I am. When I am with music my heart is home!”                                                                                                                                                     

Continuing her climb up the Hollywood ladder is one she plans to do with success by doing it her own way. “Everyone of us starts out as a unique piece of the puzzle...the direction I’m heading will be the one that fits my outline to go the distance… we are all different, life happens fast, take a moment to make it last.”


Aria’s Info:


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Twitter: @AriaReed